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How Frequently Do Queer Women Have Intercourse?

How Frequently Do Queer Women Have Intercourse?

Our Lesbian Intercourse Survey — open to any or all ladies who have sexual intercourse with women — garnered 8,566 responses that are complete offered us lots of information regarding your pony-riding practices. Among the things we asked about had been how often you’ve got intercourse, because everyone is f*cking enthusiastic about how many times everyone else is having intercourse! It’s the one thing your friend whisper-asks you when you state you’re perhaps perhaps not certain that your long-lasting relationship is working any longer, “how frequently are you experiencing sex? ” It’s the one thing people brag about once they start a fresh relationship, too. But following the U-Haul dust clears, many same-sex feminine couples are forever haunted by the chance of Lesbian Bed Death and, in order to deter this fate, we appear unnaturally disposed to keeping tabs on everybody’s frequency to ensure we’re all on par.

Nonetheless it’s not only queers that are centered on this quantity. Looking for fundamental data on intimate frequency for the basic populace had been like finding a needle in a haystack, because heteros are additionally so fascinated by this subject that they’re seemingly able to generate endless articles about any of it… none of that incorporate any conclusive figures. Everybody’s focused on exactly what sexual regularity means in regards to the power of these relationship, you realize?

Most of the available information is old, which matters because there’s a great deal of data showing that intimate behavior generally speaking went down during the last 5-10 years, specially amongst teenagers that are sex later on much less usually. Why? Obviously it is ’cause everyone is indeed busy playing from the interwebs and over-intellectualizing!

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