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modern bodybuilding

Press, twisting a cap off a bottle, swimming with the crawl

Bench Press



for a moment at the top, then

Press twisting bottle

lower them back to the

starting position.

Execution: Stand upright

holding a barbell at arm’s

length using an overhand grip.

Raise your shoulders as high

as you can, as if trying to

touch them to your ears.

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Press twisting bottle

Instead of a barbell, you can

also do this exercise by

holding on to the handles of a

Universal Bench Press




The Muscles of the Chest

The pectorals consist of two parts, the clavicular (upper) portion

and the sternal (lower) portion.

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The upper part is attached to the

clavicle (collarbone).

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Aiong the mid-body line, it attaches to the

sternum (breastbone) and Buy Testosterone cypionate Online the cartilage of several ribs.

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The largest

mass of the pectorals starts at the upper arm bone (humerusl,

fastened at a point under and just above where the deltoids attach

to the humerus. The pectorals spread out like a fan and cover the

rib cage like armor plates . Attached to the rib cage in the center

and across to the shoulder, this muscle lets you perform such

motions as pitching a ball underhanded, doing a wide-arm Bench

Press, twisting a cap off a bottle, swimming with the crawl

stroke, and doing parallel bar Dips. In addition, because of its

attachment to the humerus, it plays a large role in movements

like Chinning. There is, in fact, a prominent interdependence

between chest and back muscles.

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The chest will not reach its full

potential size unless the latissimus dorsi muscles of the upper

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